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Jeffrey Beall
Predatory Blogger
Colorado clown

February 21, 2015 

Another failed attempt to collect ransom:  Beall goes beyond ridiculous   

Beall is a clown, suitable for only the merry-go-round at the Colorado carnival. A recent article posted (January 29, 2015) on his blog revealed his real motive behind criticizing othersí work. Beall is now, not only criticizing journals, but also conferences and their locations. If the conference location is in a popular tourist destination, it will be subject to Beallís predatory wrath. According to him, this type of location provides the opportunity for researchers to obtain a university-paid vacation.

If scholars are willing to participate and the conference is well structured to simulate conference objectives, we do not see any problem in it. However, Beallís jealousy sitting behind a computer has him wasting time maliciously engaging in actively discrediting other individuals.

Regardless of Beallís claims, many conferences continue to be organized in popular tourist destinations. Since Beall is an exposed scammer, he is no longer welcome at any international conferences.

Beall targets specific individuals in order to collect his ransom. Once his attempt fails, Beall continually engages in attacking that individual. His January 9, 2015 post is an ideal example of this and provides evidence of it.