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Jeffrey Beall: Predatory Blogger 

Posted on April 01, 2015

Beall has no formal training in doing self-guided research.

Beall’s has never obtained formal training in doing self-guided research. He is doing his “research” as an autodidact. Based on his article in tripleC (Beal 2013Bivens-Tatum (2014)proved that Beal is not capable (or willing) of logical conclusions. His criteria to assess publishers are questionable. Beall does not specify how his criteria are applied to come to a verdict about a publisher. His own application of his criteria with respect to publishers is non-existent (or hidden). 

His verdict “predatory” is libel for the vast majority of publishers on his list who are not guilty of criminal activities. At the same time Beall is mocking also all hard working authors, reviewers, editors, and staff of all decent publishers on his list.

Publishers have a responsibility to protect the reputation of their authors, reviewers, editors, and staff. A lawsuit against Beall will be complicated, lengthy, and costly. He will point to the Freedom of Speech. Although defamation is not covered by Freedom of Speech, Beall will probably get away with his insertion “potential, possible, or probable” before “predatory scholarly open-access publishers”.

For reasons as given above, SCIRP is asking all academics at universities, in research labs, in industry, and in scholarly publishing to stick to these rules:

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