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Jeffrey Beall : Potential, probable, predatory blogger

April 05, 2015

We are not wrong to say that Jeffrey Beall is publishing bluffing on his website. He has written our company name on his website. We ask him that why you have written our company name on your website… he said if I though I do. We ask him to remove our name instead of that he has written a note on his website… he is just trying to create problems for upcoming journals… We had also sent one of the recent review report on his mail id and ask him that please give your guideline on what basis you write our company’s name but he do not have any genuine reason for the same.

He doesn’t want us to start such service or he may be supported by other who do not want journals club in this service area.

We would like to update you that we are also not bound with this service only. We are also working to serve academic people for indexing, editing & plagiarism in the future. Jeffery Beall does not have any documentation for writing any journal name on his website. He also don’t have guideline to remove journal name from his website. We try a lot, but he just said if I thought fit I will write and last but not list A librarian cannot judge a journal until he has good documentation for that. Some international  people only emphasis on English language to create the value for themselves, but what we believe is that peer review process is the only important technical aspects to publish a technical documents online.

Beall's another extortion effort exposed
It was always interesting how people are getting to gather to earn money may be by using direct method or maybe by using an indirect method like this. We got the following two mails saying that we will help you for proof reading services. Akim John also claims, says that I think, I will be able to contact Jeffrey Beall and request the removal of Journal Clubs & Co. From his list.

Beall's agent email sent to the publisher
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