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Predatory Blogger: Jeffrey Beall

Posted on April 30, 2015

Predatory librarian Beall has no credibility

 As a bystander, I found Mr Beall's website a few days ago and paid close attention to what he wrote about MDPI. I also checked up some facts on my own, and posted a few comments. My comments went through initially. When I checked again today, I noticed that all my comments are gone. I can only assume that Mr Beall deleted them.



Beall posted the following:

Predatory Jeffrey Beall says:

February 19, 2014 at 1:05 PM

This news story backs up what I said about the Nobel Laureates (at least one of them) not knowing about being on the editorial board:

After clicking on his link, surprisingly, I found out that eCampusNews made a correction:

Correction 2/21/2014: An earlier version of this article stated that Nobel Prize-winning geneticist Mario Capecchi was not aware he was listed as a member of the editorial board for the MDPI journal Biomolecules. At the time, Capecchi’s assistant, Lorene Stitzer, told eCampus News that “he was not aware of the fact that he had been included on the listing.” After being contacted by MDPI, Stitzer now says Capecchi is in fact aware of being an honorary board member. eCampus News regrets the error.

Therefore, I posted a comment to ask if Jeff has further evidence to back up the claim that Nobel Laureates have been put on MDPI's list without consent, since the only "evidence" he had was from Capecchi, which turned out to be factually inaccurate. As a response by Mr Beall, this comment was removed along with my other comments.

Joel Kinnamann

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