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Critical Analysis of Jeffrey Beall's Blog - Open Access Publishing

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  Predatory Blogger: Jeffrey Beall

Posted January 25, 2016

Beall acting as a mouthpiece  
We are grateful to you for bringing such a serious and funny matter to our notice by your blog. While going through the matter deeply, we have observed that it is a framework created by profit making commercial organizations belonging to corporate world with intention to discourage Open Access Journals and Mr. J. Beall, who is acting as a mouthpiece of group






Mr. J. Beall is mere a librarian [whose authenticity is fully questionable] having dubious trustworthiness. He has nothing to do with Research World. There is heaven and hell difference between a researcher and a librarian. A librarian has his own limitations and his knowledge regarding research is shallow and misguiding. 

Just before a decade or so, when internet/latest computer technology was not so much advanced or familiar, we could not even dream or imagine that there could be concept of Open Access Journal. There was only one option available to readers/researchers i.e. print version / subscribed journals and hence there was only one tool available i.e. ‘Impact Factor’ to rank journal which was based on citation factor only. This has enabled to convert “Research Journal Publishers” to “Commercial Capitalists” resulting commercial turnovers in millions of dollars. These “Commercial Capitalists” started to utilize librarians by paying huge commissions to boost their business, earn profits in manifold and to remain world’s champion in research community. Librarians were also very happy to have multiple source of illegal income at the cost of readers.

Now Open Access Journals are most popular and preferred by everyone belonging to research community due to internet and advancement of other computer technology which has acted as stumbling rock on the way of illegal moneymakers. This has resulted unbearable financial losses to all people belonging to “Commercial Capitalists” group including librarians and they have become rivals of Open Access Journals. They are trying their best to discourage Open Access Journals and leaving no stone unturned to throw this advance technology by playing dirty tricks.

Mr. J. Beall is representing old tradition mafia i.e. commercial capitalists and his blogs and list is fictitious. Such people are purely selfish and money-minded who are really a threat to Novel Research activity and community. They can take any nasty steps to earn money. 

The list displayed by Mr. J. Beall is totally fabricated and includes the names of ONLY Open Access Journals and he is declaring almost all Open Access Journals as fake without having any evidences. So called open access journals in which only title or abstract is available but one has to buy journal to read the paper, are not included in his list.

Presently, everyone belonging to genuine research community prefers open access and discards old tradition which is observed in various research papers and blogs.

Beall's list seems to be so comical that we even did not bother to reply him. It is well known and is also written by him that he always takes a Birdseye view of any journal.  He never goes for detailed investigation. It’s very easy to register on WordPress blogging and start blaming on what’s happening on surrounding ecosystem.

Many of the researchers even think that he just dances on the fingers of Nature/Elsevier/Other big names. He should recall his morale ethics and understand that if a shop is small (not as big as Walmart) then it directly doesn't mean it’s fake. It is also important to notice that how just a 'librarian' (He has nothing to do with actual research) can conduct research journals’ investigations without any assistance. He should reveal his background that who is sponsoring him. It can be easily understood that he is helping those "Closed Cabin" companies because their commission in Library subscription is being targeted by open access journals. That’s why 99% percent of existing Open Access Journals are listed in his so called "funny list" and he is targeting Open Access Journals only.

Mr. J. Beall is neither a critic nor a sufferer but he is a having intentions to earn money through malpractice/dirty tricks. The list displayed by him is itself a fraudulent and baseless. 

However, lets unite and as are planning to take suitable stringent legal actions against Mr. Beall for showing our name in his list of fake journals mischievously if he does not apologize publicly and withdraw his allegation.

We are really thankful to you for bringing such a serious conspiracy against us in our knowledge.

Thanking you once again.

Suyash Richa

Initially sent to the editor