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Jeffrey Beall
Predatory Blogger and 

We are maintaining Beall's activities in order to expose his conspiracy against Open Access Journals. 
Beall's predatory and corrupt practices and scholarly comments about predatory blogger listed here. We frequently update Beall's List. 

We have added Jeffrey Beall to our list as a potential, possible, probable, predatory Blogger.

Appeals: Beall and his bloggers may appeal inclusion on this list.

If Beall or his bloggers believe that Beall should not be included on the list, as a "predatory blogger" please send an email to the, Friends of Open Access, at 

In the email, please state the reasons why Beall or you believe, Beall should not be included. The email will be forwarded to a four-member advisory board. The board will then review the Beall's blog-website and conduct on the Beall's operations. The board will then advise the Friends of Open Access  to retain or remove the listing. Appeals are limited to one every 60 days.



Backlash over journals blacklisting

Beall acting as a mouthpiece  

Motion to repudiate Beall's  attack on Open access journals
World stand against Beall's conspiracy and predatory practices against Open access Journals

Jeffrey Beall: A Predatory blogger and his blacklist

Beall's goes bananas, then predatory practice exposed

Another laugher: Beall academic Joker and Colorado Clown

Beallís critiques of open access are not factual
Beall's black listing; unqualified service does not help  researchers

Anti-OA and the Rhetoric of Reaction

Beall has Gone Bananas:
Beall has essentially discredited himself

Credibility of Beallís List : Writes half-truths, errors and downright nonsense

Beall Doubles Down

Beallís list was controversial from the start

Walt Crawford on Beall's list

Beall's Predatory Business at the expenses of Publishers: Beall fails to acknowledge that open peer review

Beallís position as tenuous: Imperfect English or a predominantly non-Western editorial board does not make a journal predatory

Beall not served as an editor in any reputable journal but criticize all journal at his vicinity

Jeffrey Beall is blackmailing small Open Access publishers through blogs

Beall is an academic criminal and  terrorist 

Beall is absolutely insane
Predatory librarian Beall has no credibility

Beall negotiated the ransom with open access publisher to remove from hit list for 160,000 USD,  not by bank account, but in cash in a place in New York.
Predatory blogger Beall, collects the money to accounts in Choice Bank in Belize or to Loyal Bank in St. Vincent
Writing a blog that slanders everyone not considered as scientific research 
Pseudo-scholar Jeffrey Beall is a thug. Demanded ransom US$ 100,000 to re-analyze open access publisher 

USD 5000 is enough to remove your publisher's name from Beall's list
Unethical bribery business model fake website run by Jeffrey Beall

Beall has no formal training in doing self-guided research

People have started to turn away from Beall.
List should be ignored

Beall's claims rejected by Open Access Scholarly publisher Association (OASPA)
Predatory blogger exposed

Beall who has no PhD himself, published scholarly comments on a "Biophysics review"
Beall has only Bachelor degree in "Spanish" Language

Does the University of Denver pay you a salary, Mr. Jeffrey Beall, or do you pay the University to let you bear the title of Assistant Professor? 

Jeffrey Beall is an impostor and academic criminal - Dr. Clement

The Wheels Come Off the Beall express.......Beall's first sentence may qualify as "not even wrong"
Beallís List, is really an assault

Beall is a academic terrorist

effrey Beall's list is not accurate to believe

The case for treating Beall as a questionable source : Beall acting as prosecutor, judge and jury
Sad case of Jeffrey Beall : Heís the one man authority on predatoryóbut only predatory OAópublishing

Another failed attempt to collect ransom:  Beall goes beyond ridiculous  

Canadian Agency slammed:  Beall's another Extortion attempt failed

Beallís Litter

Beall's List of Howlers: Cameo Responds

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish: Beallís attempt to monitor peer review process for science and technology journals is ridiculous and laughable

A Predatory Librarian Jeffrey Beall: The crook, the felon, the criminal of the Academic Community

Beallís attempt at being a Godfather of Open Access is ridiculous
Beallís analysis is problematic - Nature
Beallís extortion attempts exposed